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It’s All About The Kids

Our kid's Happiness means the world to us. Them, being Healthy is even more. Considering today's environment in which kids are growing, they do not have enough facilities to come out and play outdoors. That is leading them towards Electronic Gadgets which make them temporarily happy but not physically active. We have thought, why not have a place for kids that can make them happy and also keep them active? Thats when HappyKydz came to life. We, at HappyKydz thrive to see your kids happy. In fact, their happiness is ours.


Best In The Biz

HappyKydz, proudly states that it is the first of its kind in the capital of Andhra Pradesh, making a statement in the princely land of Rajahmundry. Since, our establishment, we have been over-poured with positive customer reviews and kids smiles all over. We trust in feedback. We constantly work towards being a better place for your kids and thats what has been the reason for parents to keep getting back their kids to HappyKydz.

Happy Kydz has created a buzz in Rajahmundry before it even started. This is the 2nd time i'm getting my two kids here. I'm happy to see my kids happy”


Parent & Visitor at HappyKydz


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